Off-Grid Photovoltaic

Off-Grid Photovoltaic Installations

Off-grid standalone PV systems are completely independent of the PUC electricity grid.

They are ideal if you want o be independent of the energy producer, live in a remote location or island, such as Seychelles.

Small kits are available for DIY home projects such as
– solar pool pump
– security solar lighting kit

ESS can design a off-grid PV system for your home with battery backup, call us today.


New technology Lithium Ion batteries are ideal for domestic PV solar or boat PV kits installations.

These batteries are lighter and more compact than traditional lead acid batteries. They also have a longer lifespan and higher depth of discharge.

For more information on installing a battery power bank for an off-grid PV system please contact our technical staff.

Wind Turbines

If you are interested in a additional renewable energy technologies ESS can implement a domestic wind turbine system into you hybrid PV system.

If your area is near a coastal area and is exposed to wind you can harness free kinetic energy and convert it to electricity.

Contact our renewable energy expert for more advice.