Solar Hot Water

Solar Thermal Hot Water

Solar hot water uses the sun energy to heat water to be used in your house of business. It is the most energy efficient way to produce hot water.
The tank and panel are mounted onto your roof and plumbed into the house. The system has an electrical booster that can be turned on if additional heating is required.

At ESS we use Helioakmi Megasun solar hot water systems. Helioakmi has been producing solar how water systems since 1976. The Megasun are a superior product for residential and commercial applications and is renowned for its quality and durability.

It is specially designed to be resistant in hot, coastal and tropical environments. For instance, the system includes tempered glass panels, titanium surface to absorb heat, fibreglass insulation backing to minimise heat loss and the storage tank has an exterior polygonal casing made from anodized aluminium.

ESS has stocks three tank sizes 160L, 200L and 300L. Call us today for more information.