Solar Photovoltaic PV Systems

solar photovoltaic PV systems

Types of solar photovoltaic PV systems

A grid-connect solar photovoltaic PV system are installed at your premise and use the PUC electrical grid network to feedback electricity produced by your system.

For stand-along, off-grid or battery back up system PV systems which are independent of the PUC network and use battery storage see our off-grid solar PV page.

A hybrid system uses both the grid and batteries.

solar photovoltaic PV systems net metering

Seychelles Net Metering for grid-connect solar photovoltaic PV systems

Currently, Seychelles has a net metering policy where electricity produced by your solar photovoltaic PV systems is recorded to a separate meter. PUC then credits your electricity bill at the end of each month.

Further details on how solar PV works in the Seychelles please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

ESS solar photovoltaic PV systems

Grid-connect solar photovoltaic PV systems

Sine 2012, ESS has been installing rooftop solar photovoltaic PV systems in the Seychelles. Therefore, we have experience with grid-tied roof top solar PV system. Also we are an approved installer by the Seychelles Energy Commission and Public Utility Corporation.

To know more benefits of renewable energy and save on your monthly electricity bill, call us today and we can assist you with the application process.

solar photovoltaic PV panels

Solar Photovoltaic Panels

During the day the photovoltaic panel covert the suns energy to electricity. There are two types of PV panels depending on the manufacturing process, poly-crystalline or mono-crystalline. The panels are arranged on the roof in an array and connected to an inverter.

Energy Solutions Seychelles installs a range of PV panels from tired-one manufacturers and supply products to meet your project specifications and budget.

Additionally, the efficiency of the panels can be further enhanced by using optimisers. By installing the optimiser on each panel, the power output can be tracked of each individual module. Hence increasing the performance of the overall system.

Call us today to get more information of how you can offset your electricity bill with renewable energy.

solar pv manufacturer
solar pv manufacturer
solar pv manufacturer

Grid-Connect Solar PV Inverters

Direct current (DC) form the solar pv panel is converted to alternating current (AC) by the inverters.

At ESS we are not tied to only one brand of inverter so can recommend the best inverter for your project. We have installed inverters from a variety of manufactures and we honor manufactures warranty.

A grid connect inverter will monitor the voltage and frequency of the PUC grid.  Additionally, the inverter will smooth out any power fluctuation and shut down during spikes.

For safety reasons, the invert is designed to shutdown during power outages, as it is a requirement for grid maintenance personnel.

Our technical team will design a solar pv system system specifically to meet your needs and to conform to Seychelles electrical requirements. Get in touch to make an appointment with our professional staff.

solar pv inverter
solar pv inverter
solar pv inverter
solar photovoltaic PV strucure

Roof Top Solar Photovoltaic PV Systems Installation

Solar PV panels are mounted on to the roof of your house or business to produce electricity.

We recommend contacting your architect if you are constructing a new house or building so they can make provisions for renewable energy. Naturally, we are happy to consult with your architect or electrical contractor regarding the current Seychelles PV regulations.

Alternatively, if you have an existing premise, ESS can conduct a site visit to inspect the current electrical connection and roof to check if it is suitable for installation.

However, if your roof is not suitable for a roof mount system, please see PV structures below for alternative mounting structures.

 For a free site visit contact us to make an appointment.

Free Standing Solar PV Structure

Moreover, if your roof is not suitable for PV or you live in a remote location, then there are other ways to go green. Nevertheless, we can installed our panels on other freestanding structures such as green house and garage.

  • Car ports
  • Green house
  • Patio


Together we can find and alternative solution to mount your solar photovoltaic PV systems so call one of our installers today find an alternative solution to make an appointment today.


For a comprehensive project proposal, contact our professional staff.